What is Clay Bricks
Recourse back to 7000BC, people started to use brick in building which named sun-dried mud bricks. Later people started to use kiln-dried bricks because they claimed that this kind of bricks were more capable to the changes of weather, and the ability of absorbing and release heat during day and night. Romans introduce fired clay brick by mobile kilns throughout their empire.


During 12th century, fired clay was introduced by Italy to northern Germany, and this begun the architecture of brick Gothic. The strength of clay bricks was proven over time especially we still can find those bricks buildings since Baltic region. In that century, in order to overtake other builders, majority of them started to use bricks intentionally.

Clay Bricks

Why Clay Bricks?

Why we choose clay bricks, But NOT others?

There are plenty of good reasons to use clay bricks when comes to build a new home or reconstruct our current one.

Natural material

Bricks made from clay and shale from earth which can fired through a kiln at up to 2000 degrees.


Clay brick is very long lasting. It has been proven by the buildings which more than 5000 years especially those in India or Near East.

Superior Protection

  1. Fire protection
  2. High wind protection
  3. Superior moisture control

noise absorption

Brick is very helpful in densely populated areas due to his ability of higher noise absorption compared to other materials .

naturally energy-efficient

Brick has superiors thermal mass qualities which managed to keep your home stays cool during summer and able to to store heat in your home to keep you warm during winter.

green building material

  1. Inherently natural ingredients
  2. Countless recycling options
  3. Minimal waste
  4. Environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  5. Low embodied energy to manufacture brick


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