About US
Parksim Bricks Sdn Bhd committed to producing consistent high-quality clay bricks through the eco-friendly production processes by complying with the SIRIM, CIDB and BOMBA requirements for continually serving the public. Not only by meeting all the requirements mentioned above, we have upgraded our factories with more advance kiln to fulfill the high market demand.



03. CIDB

Society Responsibility

Who We Are?

Parksim Bricks is not only offering us sustainable and comfortable homes by producing durable clay bricks moreover they are very concern to the green environmental issues throughout the production process such as they will use natural materials to produce the clay bricks and ensure there will have no exhausted gas being release along the burning process. Replanting as well carrying on by them to ensure the lands will not just be emptied or wasted even after collected soil to produce bricks.

No Toxic Gas


Natural Materials


Replanting Process


How We Do?

Replanting Process

1) Dredging Process

On Palm Oil Land

In this step the soil is excavated in steps by digger.

2) Collecting Clay

Differential Soil and Clay

Laid the clay on leveled ground.

3) Laid Soil's Surface on ground

For Replanting Purpose

Soil’s Surface are full of nutrient and root, we laid it on the land’s surface for replanting Palm Oil.

4) Replanting Process

Replant Palm Oil Tree

After period of time, we replant palm oil tree on the land.

5) Done Recycling

Green Enviromental

Replanting process is to execute the protection of nature and environmental responsibility.

Why Choose Parksim Bricks

we make better bricks, for stronger future

Choosing Parksim Bricks is the choice you make not only to provide a durable and safe shelter for your family and next generation but most importantly together with us, you are as well picking up the responsibility to take care of this only earth by using the environmentally-friendly product – Clay Bricks!